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Hi, I'm Mitchell!

I'm on a mission to meet the mayor
of every town in North Carolina with my father alongside me.

Mitchell's Mayors is a statewide tour of North Carolina to learn the REAL issues facing every single citizen first hand in our great state, discover its rich history from those who know it best: the locals, and to have some fun adventures along the way!


...but why interview every mayor?

 Well, it is actually quite simple: non-partisanship. Local elections are almost always conducted with no political ID attached to names; instead, candidates and the subsequent winners are based around character, morals, physical interactions, and so many other personal aspects. Interviewing the North Carolina mayors means Mitchell can TRULY understand what problems all people in our state face, not just issues focused around specifically red or blue. He hopes that his project can unify the people from every community and help us realize we can do better, together. Additionally, Mitchell simply wants people to know there is someone on their side who desires to listen, learn, and work weekly to make a positive impact. So, come hit the road with Mitchell Whitley as he does his statewide tour for all 551 mayors! 

Since starting Mitchell's Mayors, I...

Held a beer can from the Lynyrd Skynyrd plane crash!​​

Met the son of Yankees World Series baseball player Tommy Byrne, who remembers being babysat by Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio

Visited the town where the flags that went on the moon were made

Met a mayor who helped get all nuclear missiles out of the former Soviet Union

Explored a bigfoot museum owned by a mayor that also hunts for the beast

Drove a 1970 Buick Electra Convertible "Deuce and a Quarter" in a small town Christmas parade

Climbed inside a NASA space capsule used by John Glenn in Project Mercury to first orbit the earth

...and much more in my tell-all book coming after visiting all 551 towns
has been achieved!

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