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Mitchell Whitley is a Greensboro native and proud first generation college student on his father’s side of the family. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Samford University where he graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2021. After spending the last six years working in different political capacities for North Carolina, he felt a calling to go further when it came to being active for and in his state. Being an Eagle Scout, Mitchell has always practiced not only staying aware of ways to improve his local community but for ways to personally build up all of those
around him.

He started thinking of a project to:


(1) Learn what makes all 551 NC communities special, (2) listen first hand as to what issues every single citizen is facing, and (3) publish a book to raise awareness and make a difference for ALL North Carolinians. And just like that, Mitchell’s Mayors was born!


Outside of spending every weekend on the road, Mitchell works for a nonprofit in Raleigh helping North Carolina high school students find workforce training/educational opportunities. His personal passions include traveling (of course), fencing, running, camping, reading, watching movies, collecting political memorabilia, spending time with family, and writing. Once the Mitchell's Mayors statewide tour is complete, Mitchell plans to write a book on the full experience sharing the amazing events he got to be a part of, interesting stories he learned, and the real issues facing everyday North Carolinians. 

Always remember, every NC city, big or small, should truly matter to us all!

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